Saturday, January 7, 2012


First I want to you all out there that blogger is on a different time rage then me. I did not post that one at 6:27 it wat like 9:00 something. Just so you all knew that.
     Well Saturdays are usally OK, but I get a spanking a every Saturday. It's mostly because all the kids go out on Saturday. Today my spanking is sheduled for 11:30 it 10:15 now. Almost all the kids have gone out by now I only have Jennifer left. She's still sleeping. Cody will wake her up soon. Back to Saturday spanking so usally they don't hurt, but I always cry since I'm a cryer or is it crier oh well. OK so also today I'm going to go out for lunch with Bella to this  AMAAZZZINGGGG CAFE!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I'll go out to a craft fair. Cody has given me a $60 budget. I'm not allowed to go over it or else as he would say. Last night he had a long talk about going over 60. He said if I did he would have to spank me. I will post a blog about how it went either today or tomorrow. It's alive Jennifer moves!!! My daughter Jennifer just woke up. I thought she was dead. LOL! My husband got me new nail polish for Christmas it's called Crackle. Since my Holiday nail polish is coming off, I might have Bella paint my nails while I paint hers. He spent $200 so all the girls could get a manicure AND a pedicure. It was a ton of fun!!!! I'll also post about our nails!! I might even post another post today maybe 2. I will put a lot of effort into this blog!!! OK I'm gonna go now bye see ya later maybe!
This is a picture of CRACKLE nail polish

Friday, January 6, 2012

Im Gonna be more Creative (SAY YAY)

This entire post is inspired by Christna. She said that I could write about stories in the past. Everyone must have one rule they apsoultly hate. My rule is the essey rule and sentences rule. For some reason Cody loves that rule. He makes me write sentences and esseyes all the time! If i disrespect him I have to write sentences or an essay. One time I went out to dinner with my best friend Bella and her husband Geroge. They also practice DD. I was really rude and mean. I don't know why. I think I was mad at Cody for something. He usally oreders for mesince I'm very picky and he hates waiting for me to pick. When he ordered me a BLT which I love, I said "but I don't want that." Cody says "can you give us a minuite to the waitress. Now Honey don't me stubburn." "I say but I'm not 5 I can order on my own" Then he gives me the HOH look. He says "you know the rules." I say "What Ever." He just said you'll have a BLT and stop fighting me or else." I nod knowing that I'm in trouble. When i got home I was sent to our room. He spanked my really hard. and made me write an essey. It sucked. Then i was sent to bed. Acutally I got to get to bed before Cody gets mad at me. See I hear him coming down the halls. Hes gonna say 10 minitue warning. Yep he did. So bye I gotta get off computer and take bath. Then go to bed or maybe cuz its friday I'll get to watch a movie!

How the Hell Do I do This!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ummmmmm. Welcome! I have no idea how to do this. My name is Tammi. I recently have been looking at DD Blogs. I rarley post comments. If I do its anymounous excuse my spelling please and at times language. I've been practicing it for about 15 years. I luv it. I have 5 kids. 3 girls and 2 boys. Youngest is a boy James he is 4. The other boy is Nick he is 10. My oldest is Jennifer she is 17. Rose is 10 Nick's twin. Last but not least Katherine who is 7. I have a sound prof bedroom. Just in case your wondering. Oh almost fogot my favorite person Cody. He is my husband I luv him to death and then there are times I want to chop off his head! I luv art I'm in a couple art classes. What else do I write? Leave comments on what else ya wanna know.