Friday, January 6, 2012

Im Gonna be more Creative (SAY YAY)

This entire post is inspired by Christna. She said that I could write about stories in the past. Everyone must have one rule they apsoultly hate. My rule is the essey rule and sentences rule. For some reason Cody loves that rule. He makes me write sentences and esseyes all the time! If i disrespect him I have to write sentences or an essay. One time I went out to dinner with my best friend Bella and her husband Geroge. They also practice DD. I was really rude and mean. I don't know why. I think I was mad at Cody for something. He usally oreders for mesince I'm very picky and he hates waiting for me to pick. When he ordered me a BLT which I love, I said "but I don't want that." Cody says "can you give us a minuite to the waitress. Now Honey don't me stubburn." "I say but I'm not 5 I can order on my own" Then he gives me the HOH look. He says "you know the rules." I say "What Ever." He just said you'll have a BLT and stop fighting me or else." I nod knowing that I'm in trouble. When i got home I was sent to our room. He spanked my really hard. and made me write an essey. It sucked. Then i was sent to bed. Acutally I got to get to bed before Cody gets mad at me. See I hear him coming down the halls. Hes gonna say 10 minitue warning. Yep he did. So bye I gotta get off computer and take bath. Then go to bed or maybe cuz its friday I'll get to watch a movie!


  1. Sorry about mis-spelling your name. I guess I was just typing and not paying attention.

    Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts does a weekly search on new blogs and then welcomes them on her blog. Once that happens, you'll start getting traffic and comments!

    Great start to the stories! Keep them coming!

  2. Thnx a lot! I've never heard of that. I'll check her blog out.