Saturday, January 7, 2012


First I want to you all out there that blogger is on a different time rage then me. I did not post that one at 6:27 it wat like 9:00 something. Just so you all knew that.
     Well Saturdays are usally OK, but I get a spanking a every Saturday. It's mostly because all the kids go out on Saturday. Today my spanking is sheduled for 11:30 it 10:15 now. Almost all the kids have gone out by now I only have Jennifer left. She's still sleeping. Cody will wake her up soon. Back to Saturday spanking so usally they don't hurt, but I always cry since I'm a cryer or is it crier oh well. OK so also today I'm going to go out for lunch with Bella to this  AMAAZZZINGGGG CAFE!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I'll go out to a craft fair. Cody has given me a $60 budget. I'm not allowed to go over it or else as he would say. Last night he had a long talk about going over 60. He said if I did he would have to spank me. I will post a blog about how it went either today or tomorrow. It's alive Jennifer moves!!! My daughter Jennifer just woke up. I thought she was dead. LOL! My husband got me new nail polish for Christmas it's called Crackle. Since my Holiday nail polish is coming off, I might have Bella paint my nails while I paint hers. He spent $200 so all the girls could get a manicure AND a pedicure. It was a ton of fun!!!! I'll also post about our nails!! I might even post another post today maybe 2. I will put a lot of effort into this blog!!! OK I'm gonna go now bye see ya later maybe!
This is a picture of CRACKLE nail polish


  1. It's hard having to wait for the spanking - I watch the clock chime down as the time arrives - usually put b/c of kids as well. Good luck with that and the budget!

    Cool nailpolish though!!

  2. I went over budgent. It was a accident no computer for me. Im not allowed on computer, but I'm on nook tablet. I will post about going over budget. I luv my nook its like an Ipad!!

  3. Awesome nail polish! I LOVE my Nook too! BUT my Love knows I can read or reply "webbie" stuff, so he made it clear. Books only or I lose my Nook for an extra week. I've not even tried to test that rule; I think I would go into Nook DTs. Lol. Thank you for the sweet post and wel.come from a fellow newbie.

  4. Lol i got my nook taken away for 2 weeks for disobeying.him i got a spanking also umm oh i got grounded and had to write sentences. I will do a post maybe today. Im just sobusy. Im on my nook now. He lets me go on here and read books ONLY.