Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Guess What!!!!

First I'm so sorry about not posting latly. I got in  TON of trouble. For all you new DD explorers I have some advice NEVER EVER NEVER NEVER!!!!! disobey the HOH! No matter what! Even when you are right. In this case I desereved my punishment. I went on my nook to comment, but he told me that I was grounded from computer. So I foun a loop hole. I thought nook is no computer. So I ha to write senteces, spanking, grounded from nook for 2 weeks, and no credit card. Then I just had no time for posting. OK so now geuss wha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DRUM ROOL PLEASE Wait I can't wait. I've been put on Boonie"s website. BRB


  1. Yup...and now people will find you :)...and you will need time to comment back on their comments.
    Welcome to blogging good! Those HOH's are so strict, I know.

    1. I know those HoH's are just so srict. I'm so sick. I gotta get better. I will have to find the time is right lol.

  2. Does your HOH spank you for spelling mistakes?

    That's Bonnie, not Boonie.