Friday, February 24, 2012

I need to Catch Up!

This id gonna be long! I have been super busy and thanks to Rouge and Christine I have to do a 30 day challenge! I do NOT want to at all. Now I will tell you all how it started out. Now Kay you don't really know me because I've only lurkered on your blog, but please pass out the tissues. haha I crack my self up!
Cody-Tammi,sweetheart can you come to my office
Tammi-Oh crap what did I do now mind you i didn't say that. When I I'm directed to his office it goes a little like this lecture lecture more lecture and lecture last but not least spanking. Now I wanna be as sweet as possible so I say coming dear.
I get to the office I'm pretty annoyed right now.
Cody-Tammi I've been looking on your blog and I've noticed you are not keeping up with it.
Tammi-Well hun I've been really busy because you went on a business trip. Why? Why? Did I say that.
Cody-Do not sass me! Now he has his I-am-really-serous-Your-in-trouble face on.
Tammi-I am sorry. I am just really frustrated.
Cody-Honey I have been reading some blogs and I heard ummm Christine and what's the other girls name?
Cody-Ahh yes. And they did that 30 Day challenge. So I want you to do it. I think it will be good for you.
Tammi-My jaw dropped. I had just read Rouge didn't like and it and she got frustrated. Well do I really have to? WOW! Tammi stop being stupid. Get your act together.
Cody-Because I said so.
Tammi-WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! I would have never ever thought those words would come from my husband. Well ya know
Cody-He cut me off. I don't care. You are doing it.
Tammi-Can I have one last spanking tonight.
Cody-Well I guess you need it. Sure. Now go finish dinner
I gave him a hug and he kissed me. I don't want to.
Next Story
I am on day 5. So far it's been like this....
Day 1
Good nothing went wrong. Then again I had just gotten a spanking.
Day 2
Crazy Day! Kids were wild. Their father dealt with that later.
Day 3
TERRIBLE I wanted to calm my ass down but I couldn't. THANK GOODNESS NO SPANKING!
Day 4
Took the kids to the park. They the kids I took came back. Phew
Day 5
Which is today. So far not bad. Cody told me to go on and fill in my blog.
I obeyed. Now its only 11:11AM. I made a wish. If I tell you it won't come true.Tonight he told me that he wanted to relax and watch a movie.
Hope the Best! :) Now I found this picture that doesn't have to with anything but I think it's funny. I looked up on google images Do I have to and this came up. I will post a URL that is super funny. Read them all!


  1. Oh, goodness, Tammi, um Christina and I didn't make it. Evil hormones got in the way. But I'm wishing you the best!!! Good luck!!!

  2. I know. I'm no mad at you! I am mad at the the world. Yeah I am just so fu**ing pissed. I'm frustrated now. But soon we get sit down relax and watch a movie. I think were watching a kid friendly movie. I am not sure what movie yet. I am assuming Dolphin Tail. All of the kids have been dying to see it. They have informed me that I cry in all the movies I watch. I hear them now complaining about how emotional I am. Well you guys wrote about it. LOL! Don't feel bad. Of course if you want to you can. Haha! OK I wish the best to everyone!

  3. Happy new year to everyone! Have just updated my blog

    Princess x