Monday, February 25, 2013

I am so tired....

So this disease makes me tired...All the time. It sucks. Spankings have gone down hill. Mostly because I go to bed before the kids. So unable to fit spankings in. We are thinking of somehow getting the kids out of the house for a weekend. So we can do a dd boot camp. Hopefully we will have a success. If we can get this kids out of the house I will tell you how it goes. If you want to learn about boot camp go to it should help. Well I am gonna go take a nap. Bye guys :)
P.S couldn't decide on one picture. lol
I found the bottom one on google. When I visited the website it was from it was blogger's blog named Tammy. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

A Day Late...

I have had nothing to write about. Nothing at all... I guess I could write about Valentine day. We are going to go to to dinner together. I am very exited about it. We are going out to a fancy place. My mother is watching the kids. Oh It is snowing here. It's been snowing since 7:00am. The kids had a half day for the snow. We might lose power. We stocked up so we don't get snowed in. Nothing big has happened. No spankings. Mostly because I have Graves Disease. It is when you thyroid is overactive. Been a little depressed. So bye.