Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sorry I haven't been blogging

Well first I am sooooooooooooo sorry for leaving blog world for a bit. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! I haven't even had time to read any blogs :'( I need to catch up on blogs tonight. We did the boot camp. It went well. It helped a lot. Cody has been more consistent, I've been better behaved and a little more positive. ;)  This is an overview on how it went.........
8:00am Hard Spanking
8:30am Breakfast time 
9:30am Homework
10:15am break
11:30am medium spanking
12pm homework
12:45pm lunch break
2pm homework
2:45pm severe spanking
3:15pm dinner break
8pm light spanking
8:15pm homework
8:45pm break until bedtime 
*******Cody and I got this from the Red Booty Woman blog. Then Cody tweaked it a bit. 


  1. Almost a month... :)
    Nice to see you back and blogging Tammi

    1. Yeah...I am glad to be blogging again. Not in the mood for another blog lecture or blog spanking from Cody.