Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spanked For Neglecting My Blog

Yesterday I wasn't ready to blog about this. I had to think about it more before I posted it...
On Monday night Cody wanted to see what I have been blogging about. When he went on he found out I haven't been blogging. Cody later called me into his office 
Cody: Hey babe, when was the last time you checked your blog?
me: ummm I don't know
Cody: well the last blog entry is from February 25th
me: oh
Cody: when you started your blog you made a commitment. I expect you to keep up with your blog. I told you tha
me: (cutting him off) it is not my fault i get busy and have to take of the kids cook and clean. (said with attitude)
Cody: First of all you cut me off second of all you were disrespectful and third of all you have an attitude. You just broke 3 rules in 2 minutes. You also just earned yourself a spanking
me: no Cody please I am sorry
Cody: oh you are going to be even more sorry after I spank you
Cody drags me to our bedroom. 
Cody: go get the paddle. 
I go get the paddle and return.
Cody motions me to come sit on the bed with him
Cody: Do you know why you are being spanked?
me: Yes. I am being spanked for being disrespectful, neglecting my blog, having an attitude and interrupting you.
Cody: Tammi come over here and bed over my lap.
He takes off my pants and panties and starts spanking me with his hand. (Sorry lost count of how many)
Soon he started to use the paddle. (Once again lost count)
I was crying and trying not to scream. He pulled me into a hug. Then he brought me over to our comfy chair in our bedroom. Then placed me on his lap. 
Cody: I love you Tammi.
me: I love you too.
Cody hugged me and made me feel loved and special.
He went on to lecture me. Then I had to stand in the corner for a bit. Then we fell asleep.
P.S It was that time of the month. That was why I was so rude. I am usually not like that.

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  1. Hi!
    I love your blog. We have lived DD for nearly 3 years now and it is a wonderful lifestyle. We have our own website too